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Organization Structure of Thai FDA​

Currently, Thai FDA is under the cluster of Public Health Service Support under the Ministry of Public Health. This is a group of departments working on an integrated program in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. The Cluster of Public Health Service Support comprises of three departments: the FDA, Health Service Support and Medical Sciences as described in Figure 1: Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Public Health.

The infrastructure of the Thai FDA as shown in Figure 2 officially consists of two main units; product control and support. First off to mention, the Product Control Unit, divided into four bureaus and two divisions as follows:

            - Bureau of Cosmetics and Hazardous Substances,

            - Import and Export Inspection Division

            - Drug Control Division

            - Food Division

            - Narcotics Control Division

            - Medical Devices Control Division. 

Secondly, the Support Unit consists of six divisions:

            - Office of the Secretary,

            - Technical and Planning Division

            - Public and Consumer Affairs Division

            - Rural and Local Consumer Health Product Protection and Promotion Division

            - Internal Audit Group

            - Public Sector Development Group.

In addition, four internal authorized units have been established to perform particular complementing tasks:

            - Food and Drug Legal Group,

            - Narcotics Revolving Fund

            - One Stop Service Center

            - Information Center. 


Figure 1: Organization Structure of Ministry of Public Health



Figure 2: Organization Structure of Thai FDA